Auxbeam LED headlights - Very good product. Item arrived within a couple of days. Very well packaged, lots of protection inside for the bulbs themselves. Very well made. I quickly installed them on my 2005 Honda Element which needed the H4 bulbs. Installation was super easy, much easier than installation HIDs. If you can change your stock bulbs you can change these LED conversion just as easy. From start to finish was about 7 minutes. Inside the package you 'll receive two bulbs, a few color inserts if you want to change the color of the bulbs and a small instruction booklet. These bulbs are very bright, also works for low and high beam. There is a build in heatsink to keep them cool. I will update some picture of them at night. I highly recommend these LED conversion.

Timothy Y. Costa,

Very nicely built. When you feel them in your hands they feel like quality. The design is fanless so no noise emitting from the bulbs. It is slightly larger than the original non-led bulbs so depending on your application fitment needs to be checked.


I installed these in the fog lights of my 2010 Toyota Sienna. They fit well and were easy to install. I just twisted off the old bulb, twisted these AuxBeam Led bulbs in, and connected the wire. I like that it doesnt have any additional boxes to connect so everything is easy to tuck away. The connectors do have a little length compared to the stock halogen bulbs so the bulb wire from your car might hang depending on how your vehicle is designed.

Light emitted by these bulbs is nice and clear. For the most part they are white with a slight tinge of blue I would say. The color being 6500k as stated on the product page is accurate I would say given my experience with other lighting ratings.

The bulbs themselves come nicely packed in a nice sturdy box. The box is filled with a foam type material that the bulbs slip into so they are well protected. Also included are color films you can add to the Led bulbs to change the color produced.

I didnt get a before picture but I added an output picture in my review to show the color of the bulbs.

Overall I find these bulbs to be well constructed and produce a good amount of light. A big upgrade in color appearance over my stock halogen bulbs.

I also purchased the 9005 version of this bulb. Same quality in construction. Fit my 2015 Chevy Colorado high beam headlights. Produce a nice white light as well. See pictures for old halogen vs these led comparison.

John Anderson,

These headlights are a direct replacement to my stock bulbs. They are a true plug and play set. There is no need to run extra wires or modules like HIDs. The lights are a lot brighter than the stocks. What I like about this set is that it's an all in one design, the ballast is built into the bulb. So far no flickering or distortion in my radio due to the LEDs. With these LEDs you have the option to change the lights color by placing a film over them.

James J. Christy,
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