High Power LED Chips

LED is a new type of lighting source which has more benefits compared with HID or halogen.

High efficiency with low consumption. The performance of an LED containing 25lm/W or up exceeds that of incandescent or fluorescent. Though LED contains such power source, it still needs the same energy like other light source. Thus, the consumption would be low, which is good for any lighting system.

LED chips would be brighter and lead a longer lifetime than the old models. LED brands like CREE, PHILIPS, OSRAM can give out nearly 100lm or up per watt. LED, as a solid-state lighting source, has an unexpected lifetime working hours of over 100,000hours. With such long lifetime guarantee, LED lights reduce the requirement of maintenance as HID or incandescent lights.

Compared with HID, LED has one more advantage. LED light can light up instantaneous as you turn it on while HID need some time to let the light prepare.

With so much benefits, why choose LED to improve you lighting system?

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