Great Heat Dissipation Technology

Lighting system would generate heat while work for several hours. Thus, in order to make the light bulb work in a long time, heat dissipation system is pretty important. Light bulb mainly has three types of heat dissipation ways—built-in fan, copper braid and aluminum housing.

Built-in fan as heat sink is the first solution for head dissipation for bulbs. It can dissipate heat quickly, but its disadvantage is that it would make some noise. Copper braid as heat sink can solve the problem of noise generating from built-in fan, but it is a little bit hard to install. While aluminum housing of the bulb can be a new trend of light bulbs. It not only has no noise, but also is easy to install.

In fact, you can choose which kind of light bulbs with different heat dissipation as you like and Auxbeam will offer you different LED headlight bulbs.

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