Auxbeam New Arrival—Tres Series Conversion Bulbs

Nowadays, more and more offroad enthusiasts prefer to upgrade the lighting system of their offroad in order to have great driving vision. Also, not all vehicles can fit a light bar or headlight light as that on Jeep Wrangler. But in fact, every vehicle has its own lighting system, and what makes the lighting system work are the bulbs. Recently, many more customers ask for headlight bulbs and here Auxbeam decides to offer you several new headlight bulbs that all customers can choose from. Here, I want to introduce a new series—Tres Series headlight conversion bulbs.
1This series has a special design of the LED technology. All this series uses Philips CSP LEDs. CSP is short for Chip Scale Package, which is a new and developed type of chip package technology. CSP package allows chip area and packaging area ratio exceeds 1: 1.14, which is already quite close to the ideal situation 1: 1. The absolute size is only 32 square millimeters, about 1/3 of the ordinary BGA, and only the equivalent of 1/6 of the TSOP memory. The same space CSP package can be three times more storage capacity than the BGA package. The LED using CSP technology would not only smaller but also thinner. So there is only about 0.2mm distance for the heat dissipating to the PCB board, which can greatly improve the reliability of the LEDs after long time running.


Using such tiny LED chips, the headlight bulbs are design in either 2 luminous faces (single beam) or 3 luminous faces (Hi-lo beam). This series have great performance of engineering beam pattern which spreads soft white light on road evenly without dark spot or foggy light.


Also these series of lights have two ways to dissipate heat. Designed with all-in-one aluminum profile as heat conduction system, the lights have 360 degree heat radiating. And the lights have high speed mute fans, so that the light can radiate heat while working.

Want to know more about the Tres Series, just click our website.

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