Auxbeam High Performance Light Bulb—NF-03 Series

Upgrading factory lighting system seems to be a popular things that many offroad enthusiasts would prefer to change their factory halogen light or HID into LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs have more advantages than halogen or HID lights—pure white light source, instantly lighting up, high output with low power consuming and so on. Thus, why not try to change your factory dim headlight with LED headlight bulbs?

Auxbeam NF-03 Series LED headlight bulbs can just meet your need. This series of headlight bulbs are made of high power CREE led chips, which can light the road forward or through the dark. All light bulb in this series can throw super bright light on the road evenly at rigorous angle without dark spots/foggy light. The light is 20W per light in single beam and 40W@low beam,60W@high beam for hi-lo beam model (H4, H13).


This light can give out white light in ordinary models, but Auxbeam also offer you 4 colors headlight tint film, by which you can change the kelvin color to get 3000K, 4300K, 8000K, 10000K. That would be perfect for those who prefer headlight to be in different colors.


What’s more, this series of headlight bulbs are in excellent heat dissipation technology but without cooling fan. Many people know that heat dissipation is a really big problems in any lighting materials. But how can NF-03 Series deal with the heat and make the light work in a long time? The secret is that Auxbeam headlight bulbs use A380 Aluminum heat sink. Its thermal conductivity is 20000w/mk, which is 50times higher than Copper (401w/mk) and 100times higher that of aluminum (220w/mk). And the Micro heat Pipe Technology helps conduct most heat from the LED bulb to the bottom heat sink to keep the light bulb in appropriate working temperature even without cooling fan. Also with no fan design, you can barely hear the loud noise the fan giving out.

So why not just change your headlight bulbs with Auxbeam NF-03 Series? Come and get in


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