Auxbeam F16 Series Headlight Bulb—Golden Headlight

Lighting system should be really important for driving. Yet, not all factory lighting can keep in an extreme long time without dimming or flickering. Also, some factory headlight using HID as lighting source which is very bright but needs some time to illuminate. Thus, Auxbeam decides to make some types of new LED headlight bulbs to satisfy customers’ needs. This year, Auxbeam designs some series of headlight bulbs, and here I want to share with you the golden headlight bulbs—F16-Series.


Many people may know there are either two lights on your headlight or one light. But, in fact, they are in the same use. So, when choosing headlight bulbs, you can choose according to your plug types.

This headlight bulbs designs in aircraft grade luxury gold aluminum, which looks good. Making with high power CREE chip, the headlight bulbs are super bright but will not dazzle the oncoming vehicles. Drawing only 30W per bulbs, each headlight bulb gives out 3000lumen per bulb for single beam headlight bulb and for hi-lo beam headlight bulbs (H13 and H4), the lumen can be 2000lumen for low beam and 3600lumen for high beam.


Also, the series is all-in-one integrated design, which has the canbus driver. Canbus is a system that can control many modern vehicles’ network. When we need to make any changes to the vehicle, the vehicle system will detect and alert. Therefore, Canbus driver may be necessary to avoid a warning error code. Some lighting manufacturers would sell the light bulb separately with the canbus drivers, it will be a hassle for customers. But you can find Auxbeam headlight bulb included the canbus driver for your convenience. Also, this series has built-in turbo fan, which can dissipate heat fast.


For LED headlight bulb, the advantages, comparing to the old types, would be the pure white light as the color temperature would be 6000K and can instantly light up and use. With IP 68 certificated, just go get change your headlight bulbs with Auxbeam headlight. You will be amazed by the headlight bulbs.

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