Auxbeam F-16 Series VS NF-03 Series

Do you hesitate to find excellent LED headlights bulbs for your motor or offroad? Then just go to . Recently, Auxbeam issued some new LED headlight bulbs for headlight and fog light changing. Different plug types are all available. Here I want to compare two different series of LED headlights bulbs as I mentioned in my last blogs—Auxbeam F-16 Series and NF-03 Series.

As comparing the appearance, Auxbeam F-16 Series LED conversion bulbs have a fancy design in aircraft grade luxury gold aluminum. And its “competitor” NF-03 Series is made of air craft A380 aluminum in black housing. So for appearance, F-16 Series wins.


For light effect, this two series can give nearly the same lumen of light. But NF-03 Series has other specialty for light. As you stick the color film to the light, the light color can change to get 3000K, 4300K, 8000K, 10000K. For those who love to change the light colors in different usage for their offroads or motorcycles, NF-03 Series would be a best choice. So for lighting, NF-03 Series wins.


For heat dissipation, F-16 Series use build-in fan design, which can dissipate heat directly. Yet, the built-in fan will generate some noise while driving. NF-03 Series, on the other side, have no fan in the light bulb. Due to they are made of air craft A380 aluminum, which has a better performance in heat dissipation. The thermal conductivity of this aluminum is 20000w/mk, which is 50times higher than Copper (401w/mk). Thus, NF-03 Series have good heat dissipation performance even without fans. For heat dissipation, both this two series are great.


For other specialty, F-16 Series have canbus drivers with the bulbs, which can avoid error report when upgrading your factory lightings for some vehicles, while NF-03 Series do not come with canbus drivers. In fact, some vehicles do not need to decode, so NF-03 Series can still fit. All in all, for this decoding specialty, F-16 Series wins.


Both thes two series are made of CREE LEDs and have good performance in waterproof performance. You can choose which series you prefer and here we can offer you a video about these two series comparison in a video by our reviewer. Click to know more.

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